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Over the last 18 years we have been exposed to a huge range of problems, not only in design but also in the overall use of interior spaces to make homes function the way that best suits our clients. Our practical solutions during the planning and building processes have often saved our clients a great deal of time, anxiety and money. Here are are few comments from happy clients:

"Many, many thanks for your brilliant input. We have lived in our beautiful kitchen for four seasons and it is an absolute joy. We are so grateful for your contribution to a masterpiece..."

“Thank you for your help and ideas. You have been terrific. It’s such a wonderful service.”

“Many, many thanks for your help - you saved us from making a couple of disastrous mistakes and I'm very grateful.”

“I love it! It's the only part of my house that works!”

"Thanks so very much for yesterday. It was wonderful experience and I am now on the right track. Your suggestions will save money and will be fabulous – imagine a first floor sitting room as well. Just what I have always wanted. I sat in that room last night and watched the huge moon come up and shine down over the water and felt really good about the plans we made. I love the changes you have made to our living areas already – it is so much more cosy and intimate now."

"I'm so grateful to have made contact with Designing Women. I'm very pleased with the final design and I was impressed with the professional way you managed my enquiries. From my initial phone call, I felt you met me in my financial situation and really listened to my hopes and dreams. You were able to perceive the atmosphere we were trying to achieve. It was satisfying to speak with someone who could sense my thoughts and yet could also question them in order to fine-tune the outcome."

"...As you can tell I believe it is a privilege to work with such a skilled designer who is also the nicest person to deal with - she has supported me when I lost confidence, reminded me to laugh and reassured me that it may all be finished one day! May I also praise Designing Women. From my first phone call I knew I was in safe hands and that your efficient organisation would be able to support me in my build. You said you had a wonderful designer who was just right for my situation and this was so true. I am very appreciative."

"Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did with our unit - I am really thrilled with the result. It was fabulous working with you - you really have a great eye and a lovely manner"

"Thanks for making our kitchen so workable and a joy to cook in!"

“It’s so nice to know my kitchen is now rattling around in someone else’s head!”

“We appreciate the professionalism, creativity and pragmatism that you have brought to bear on our redesigning issues”

“Your brilliance lies not just in design but in your ability to step into people’s dreams and make them real - a true talent”

“The kitchen and conservatory bring much joy - the best thing we ever did in our house, thanks to your terrific advice”

"Comments on the design of our kitchen:

After going to several kitchen companies and being extremely disappointed with their recommendations for a kitchen, we turned to Vicki Poulter at Designing Women. In hindsight, I should have saved myself and the kitchen companies lots of stress, time and money and gone to her first. She listened! And her plans were amazing. Not only exactly what we wanted, so much more. Attention to the myriad of aspects we didn’t even consider to ask about, and certainly none of the other companies had mentioned. Small differences in measurement/size, function, position etc make such a difference in the completed product, yet no difference in the cost of building the kitchen.

Designing Women has the ability to turn a good kitchen into the perfect kitchen. They are masters at it! If I were to renovate again, I would 100% engage Designing Women to assist with not only the kitchen, but with the whole house, especially the laundry and bathrooms where the advice was again insightful and functionally/aesthetically appropriate. Everything that was suggested, was completely spot on! At the time I didn’t realise this, however now looking at the completed project, I so wholehearted appreciate the depth of heart-felt wisdom. Thank you so much Designing Women – absolute treasure to find you!"

“ I’ve just spent $500 to discover my kitchen was going to be in the wrong part of the house! - And I’m absolutely over the moon!”

“We actually function better as a family now that the house works so well”

"The kitchen funtions so well! Your workflow from dishwasher to drawers works a treat! Well done!"

"The kitchen you designed for us when we built the house still functions really well for us as a family as well as when we're entertaining. You'll be pleased to hear how impressed with it the caterer was who recently cooked and served 40 at a sit-down dinner here."

"Yesterday I had the privilege of cooking in the beautiful kitchen you designed at Boorowa. What a fabulous and thoughtful workspace. Your designing and project management skills are outstanding. This is the second example of your work I've had the pleasure to use."

"Bathroom looks great!"

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Giving people what they need

"We like to co-design with our clients and get them involved in their own project. We don't do it to them or for them but rather with them"

Pricing for mutual profit

It's unwise to pay to much
but it's unwise to pay too little
When you pay to much you lose a little money, that is all

When you pay too little
you sometimes lose everything
because the thing you bought
was incapable of doing the things you bought it to do!

The common law of business prohibits paying a little and getting a lot.It can't be done

If you deal with the lowest bidder it's well to add something for the risk you run. And if you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better.

John Ruskin
(British philosopher,17th Century)