An overview of Designing Women services

services As much - or as little - help as you need!

We offer design and decorating solutions for new and existing whole houses, kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms, laundries, home offices, outdoor living and more.

Our services are underpinned by the huge importance we place on the need to plan your project well before you launch into it or engage a builder. There can be many pitfalls along the way but a good designer can help you make the right decisions, make the building process go more smoothly and help you to keep your costs under control.

Fees: Our fees are hourly based and are a great investment in getting it right!

Plan Starting with an initial consultation, we offer the following:

Unbiased advice and information

Problem solving and creative solutions

Review of existing plans and spaces to make sure the key areas really work.

Space planning including traffic flows and where to place your furniture

Design concepts, preliminary sketches and detailed plans

Design of custom joinery for all rooms

Decorating solutions - colours, furnishings, furniture, upholstery

Custom made furniture

Assistance with floors, window treatments , lighting etc

Assistance with selection of people, services and appliances

Selection of products, finishes and materials

Eco design solutions

Outdoor living areas and landscaping

Quotations as required

Liaison with architects, builders, cabinet makers etc

Practical support to completion

Consultations for assessing potential of a new home before purchase

Decluttering - making decisions about what to keep and what to let go

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Practical, stylish & thoughtful home solutions!

Interior design

Space planning

Kitchen design

Bathroom design

Laundry design

Home office design

Decluttering service

Joinery design

Eco design

Interior decorating

New home design

Outdoor living design

Garden design


Building support

And more...

"We can transform your home and your life!"