services Decorating a home is the fun bit after the hard work of getting the 'bones' right by making sure the spaces are well designed so that they function and flow, the aspect and light is optimal and a furniture plan has been worked out.

Now we create atmoshere by dressing the spaces with colour, texture, furniture, window treatments, floor coverings, lighting, objets and artworks to turn your house (or apartment) into a home which and looks and feels exactly how you dreamed.

red-sample-board Maybe you have a somewhat tired home and just need a fresh new look for one or two rooms or need help with choosing some furniture or paint and colours.

Whatever you are looking for - our designers can give you as much or as little help as you need to make your home special for you, your family and of course your friends.

Putting a 'look' together

Image This is the fun bit!

Over a cup of coffee we can play with samples of tiles, colours, carpets, timber, blinds and more...

Window Treatments

Window coverings are incredibly important from a design point of view because they have to be beautiful and practical and like everything else in a home, fit for purpose. We can advise you on whether you need blinds or shutters or curtains and can organize them to be made and installed by one of our excellent suppliers.


We can help you with the layout of furniture and then to choose what you need. We may find you a stock item or we can have anything made exactly to your requirements - size, shape, colour and of course fabulous fabrics for chairs, sofas etc.